Age Doesn't Matter!

It was 1975 when Ali and Frazier fought one of the greatest boxing matches in history in the event titled "Thrilla in Manila". Many of us are too young to know that such event existed, but not for Constantino B. Chavez. It was on the same year that he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Cebu Institute Technology (CIT) in Cebu City. 1975 was also the year that marked the end of the slide rule era for most universities... and the start of the calculator age.

Thirty three years later, 2008, Constantino B. Chavez one day found himself sitting on a chair at a very quiet room holding a Casio scientific calculator and solving the greatest mathematical and engineering problems the Mechanical Engineering board could ever give. Though sweating profusely because of the extreme challenge and intensity, he emerged out of the room with a smile. The following day, April 28, 2008, he saw his name posted on the leading national papers as one of the successful examinees in the recently concluded licensure examination.

Engr. Chavez is one of the additions to PRIME's ever-growing extra-ordinary achievers. Like what he said... "Age is Nothing... PRIME is Everything!". You don't have to be the youngest or the brightest in order to pass or top the board exams. PRIME helps you bring out the best in you.