Grand Slam (April 2008, October 2007, April, 2007)

Having only one branch in the entire Philippines, situated at the queen city of the south, Cebu, PRIME has accomplished what no other Mechanical Engineering review center has achieved in this modern and computerized era... and that is scoring a Grand Slam with back-to-back-to-back 1st Place finishes in the last 3 ME Licensure Examinations.

Not only does PRIME pride itself with the number of top-notchers it has produced within 4 years of operation, but it prides in the overall performance of its reviewees. PRIME maintains the highest passing percentage in every board exam.

Not only does PRIME pride itself with numbers or quantities, but it prides in the quality of its achievements, topnotchers, and reviewees. PRIME had already produced a topnotcher from a jeepney driver. It has produced a topnotcher from a student that was previously booted from one of the universities. Lately, it successfully helped a 1975-ME-graduate fulfill his dream of becoming a professional.

PRIME is one of the few review centers in the Philippines that is pursuing its compliance with Executive Order No. 566 that directs the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) to regulate the establishment and operation of Review Centers and similar entities. This effort to comply with Philippine laws and regulations shows our desire to promote a quality, authentic, and recognized review program.

With an excellent performance on its sleeves, authenticated by its ongoing compliance with E.O. No. 566, PRIME can't wait to expand its borders to cover Manila and the entire Philippines!