April 2006 ME Board 3rd Placer - A Real Life Hero

Rodel M. Ygot of the University Visayas has achieved a feat not many of us could duplicate or even come close:

1. He finished 3rd place in last April 2006 ME Board Exam.
2. He defied all odds by beating other examinees from prestigious colleges and universities.
3. He achieved all of these by being a humble reviewee and a hard-working jeepney driver who sweats all day to earn a living and to find a way of fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional.

Rodel was faced with all the burdens of carrying his yoke while designing his life as a mechanical engineer. During these difficult times, PRIME was there to lend a hand and share his load.

PRIME doesn't only teach or preach, we accompany you throughout your entire journey. Our proven and tested review program can transform you from being ordinary students to highly-sought professionals and engineers.

Your determination coupled with PRIME's dedication forms an unbreakable bond. If Rodel achieved such thing, why can't you?

Let's work together. Do your best and allow PRIME to turn the wheels of your future!