PRIME's Top 3 Placers on 6 Consecutive Board Exams

PRIME's Top 3 Places in 6 Consecutive Years

PRIME has once again proven itself as the best Mechanical Engineering review center in the country. For the 6th consecutive board period, PRIME has swept the top 3 places for students garnering the highest scores in the licensure exam. These were ordinary students who were transformed by PRIME into what they are now. Their accomplishments are made possible through their perseverance and hard-work... accompanied by PRIME's guidance and dedication.

PRIME's accomplishments are backed by records. To incoming students who are looking for a Mechanical Engineering review center for upcoming licensure exams, we encourage you to visit not only our review center but our competitor's as well. Let not be swayed by empty promises but by facts and verifiable data. At the end of the day, you will see the why PRIME is the best review center.