1st & 3rd Place Finish in the April 2007 ME Board Exam

Since PRIME opened its doors to Mechanical Engineering graduates two years ago, it had already produced countless topnotchers in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. The latest of its achievement is the 1st and 3rd place honors courtesy of Engr. Ildefonso D. Ortega Jr. and Engr. Lopito D. Oftana Jr. in the April 2007 Mechanical Engineering licensure examination held in the cities of Manila and Cebu.

Of the 1194 aspirants, only 602 invitations were extended for the upcoming oath-taking this May 29, 2007 (at the Grand Ballroom Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel, Roxas Blvd., Manila) or June 7, 2007 (Grand Convention, Cebu City). The above figure could be translated into 50% national passing percentage. Majority of the board-passers from the Visayas and Mindanao regions are from PRIME. For several review periods in a row, PRIME continuously delivers the highest passing percentage, with this review period sitting at 92% passing rate.

To our topnotchers and board-passers, congratulations! Thank you for choosing us as your 2nd home. It's a decision you will never regret and will continually be proud of.