Top 3 Placers on 5 Consecutive Board Exams are from PRIME

Top 3 Placers on 5 Consecutive Board Period are from PRIME

PRIME scored a cleansweep on the September 2012 ME Licensure Examination... or to put it simply... all the 13 students who made it to the Top 10 are from PRIME. This achievement is unparalleled.

Other than the above achievement, PRIME has extended its record of producing the Top 3 places for 5 consecutive board exams. Everyone can still remember the time when the Lakers scored a 3-peat on the championship. It was a very wonderful and memorable moment. But imagine how everyone would have felt if they even won it 4-times in a row. When we look at PRIME's achievement, we can't simply put it into words. Having the Top 1, Top 2, and Top 3 board placers coming from PRIME 5-times in a row is a record that we may not be able to outlive.

These students who top the board exam come from different walks of life with totally different backgrounds and upbringing. They have different philosophies in life and different dreams. The only thing common between them is PRIME. When you are at PRIME, you are guaranteed a review program that will harness your potentials and streamline your activities towards the achievement of one common goal... and that is to become a professional Mechanical Engineer.