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What Makes Prime No. 1

What Makes PRIME No. 1

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PRIME is the 1st and Only . . .

1. Mechanical Engineering Review Center in the Philippines to:

  • Sweep most if not all Topnotchers and maintain highest passing percentage on every= ME Board Exam since 2010.
  • Annual recepient of the following awards: 1) BEST ME Review Center, 2) Most Outstanding ME Review Center, and 3) No. 1 ME Review Center
  • Offer an online hands-on exam and training to further enhance the student's learning, which can be taken anytime and anywhere at the student's own convenience.
  • Maintain the highest quality standards in training backed up with the highest passing percentage rate.

2. Mechanical Engineering Review Center in the Philippines that is committed to developing the individuals' potentials regardless of their differences in academic trainings and backgrounds.

3. Mechanical Engineering Review Center in the Philippines that is built on the foundation of turning the wheels of quality mechanical engineering review and excellent performance by producing topnotchers in every board exam.

PRIME Review Program

PRIME Review Program

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. . . Advance and Comprehensive

The review program is comprehensive in the sense that it is composed of three different phases of intensive preparation, namely:
Advance Review Course
This is an intensive lecture/discussion type covering basic theories, principles, problems and applications as well as some advanced topics included in the board syllabus. The topics are based from PRC Board Syllabus.
Advance Refresher Course
This is a comprehensive examination-discussion type of instruction. The reviewees are subjected to a series of examinations patterned from the board exams where actual past board examinations are included. They are given questionnaires and answer sheets and are required to use pencils in shading the correct answer. This is intended to acquaint each one to the actual test. The exam is to be discussed thoroughly right after or on the next meeting for the reviewees to evaluate their performances.
Advance Coaching Series
This is the final phase of preparation which is more or less 3 weeks in duration. This is intended to fine-tune reviewees to the much awaited board exam. This consists generally of classroom coaching notes which are to be read with the reviewers around to entertain questions personally. A parallel computer hands-on for this course is conducted at the computer rooms.
It's not only the review instructions and the credentials of the reviewers that make PRIME the best ME Review Center, but also the comprehensive exams that shape the reviewees' learning curve. PRIME's Comprehensive Exam Series are carefully planned and scheduled to optimize the reviewees time and to test their wits. These are the following:
Comprehensive Daily Exam (CDE)
This is a short 15-minute exam that is administered daily after three straight hours of lecture. How will you know that a day's lecture is absorbed in the reviewees' minds? Simple, the "CDE" provides such daily benchmark.
Comprehensive Take-Home Exam (CTE)
This type of exam extends the reviewees' learning curve beyond the bounds of the Review Center. Whether this exam is tackled alone or with friends through group studies, this exam helps promote self-confidence and guarantees a continuous form of learning from the review center to the comfort of the reviewees' homes.
Comprehensive Weekly Exam (CWE)
Each brand new week for PRIME is opened by an ice-breaker that awakens every reviewee from their deep slumber. This ice-breaker is the "CWE" and is administered every Monday of the week.
Comprehensive Semi-Monthly Exam (CSME)
Given only on the 15th and 30th day of each month, the "CSME" is a comprehensive exam designed to cover the accumulated topics discussed within the 15-day period. Results of this exam are clear benchmarks on how each student would possibly fare in the ME Licensure Exam.
Comprehensive Online Exam (COE)
At the comforts of your home or nearby internet cafe's, this exam could be taken anytime and anywhere. You don't have to travel several islands to avail of PRIME's massive knowledge base. PRIME's Comprehensive Online Exam is the undisputed portal of distributing Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics tome of knowledge across the miles!

PRIME Discounts and Privileges

PRIME Discounts

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. . . Privileges and Advantages

Requirement: Certification from school.
1. Honor Graduates (Summa, Magna and Cum Laude)

  • Free Review, Refresher and Coaching fees
  • Free books

2. Medalists, With distinctions, Academic Scholars

  • Special privileges may be available upon discretion of management. Please contact PRIME for more information.

Requirement: Certification from professional organization (PSME)
3. PSME National Quiz Champions

  • Free Review, Refresher and Coaching fees
  • Free books

4. PSME National Quizzers

  • Special privileges may be available upon discretion of management. Please contact PRIME for more information.

Requirement: Certification from school stating the list of all officers and number of graduating students in the batch. This privilege is based on the following guidelines:
Note: The set of officers who will be entitled to these privileges are those of PSME Student Chapters. In case the school does not have an PSME Student Chapters, the graduating class officers will receive the privilege. The officers honored are the following: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and PRO.
5. Class Presidents, Class Officers, and Past PRIME Reviewees

  • Special privileges may be available upon discretion of management. Please contact PRIME for more information.


  • Special privileges may be available upon discretion of management. Please contact PRIME for more information.

PRIME Instructors and Mentors

PRIME Instructors

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. . . Mentors or Reviewers

Joel A. Mandawe, Ph. D.

  • Registered Mechanical Engineer, RME
  • BSME, (Magna Cum Laude),  UV
  • 17th Place, ME Board Exam
  • Aboitiz Corporation Academic Scholar, UV
  • Department of Education Scholar,UV
  • Awardee: Leadership Excellence, UV
  • Awardee: Most Outstanding UV Alumni 
  • Awardee:Ten Outstanding Cebuano Awardee in the field of Education
  • FAPE Scholar , USC
  • MSME, (UV), MS Math, USC
  • BSCE Graduate,UV
  • BSEE Graduate,UV
  • BSECE Graduate,UV
  • GE and ME Faculty, UV
  • Design Engineer,  ABOITIZ Engineering, 1995
  • Reviewer, MERIT Review Center,  (1994 – Oct. 1998)
  • Reviewer,  CEERS – CPRC,  (1998 – Apr 2000)
  • Reviewer Excel Review Center (1997, June 2000- Apr.2003)
  • Review Manager, PRIME Review Center
  • Author – Various Engineering Review Book

Roger S. Capote, M.S.

  • Registered Mechanical Engineer,  RME
  • BSME, (Summa Cum Laude), UV
  • Rajah of Engineers, UV
  • Isabel Municipal Academic Scholar, UV
  • FAPE Scholar,  USC
  • MSME, UV 
  • MS Physics, USC
  • GE and ME Faculty, UV
  • Physics Laboratories, UV
  • University Internal Quality Auditor (ISO 9001)  
  • Reviewer, MERIT Review Center  (1994 – Oct. 1998)
  • Reviewer B & E Review Center, (1995– Mar 2000)
  • Reviewer,  CEERS – CPRC (1998 – Apr 2000)
  • Reviewer, Excel Review Center ( June 2000 – 2009)
  • Review Manager, PRIME Review Center
  • Author – Various Engineering Review Books

PRIME Class Schedules

PRIME Class Schedules

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. . . on Cebu and Manila Branches

Cebu Class Schedules

Section Schedule
A 8:30AM to 12:00NN Monday to Saturday
B 1:30PM to 5:00PM Monday to Saturday
C 6:00PM to 9:00PM Monday to Saturday

Manila Class Schedules

Section Schedule
A 8:00AM to 11:00AM Monday to Saturday
B 12:00NN to 3:00PM Monday to Saturday
C 4:00PM to 7:00PM Monday to Saturday
D 6:00PM to 9:00PM Saturday
8:00AM to 8:00PM Sunday